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Don’t Go To Thailand

I have been Living in Thailand off and on for 5 years now, and to this date,, every day That I awake, I am so excited to get up and enjoy another Awesome day in Paradise.As I am constantly meeting new travelers passing through,, The question from most people is “What’s The Catch?” I mean the People are so friendly, The food is delicious, the weather is great,,, so what’s up… To Quote Warner Brothers Marvin Martian… “Where’s The Big Kaboom?!”  I mean how can this be possible,, in this cynical life we are brought to believe that there has to be a catch,, so what is it ..?..

Well for me, after living here for 5 years I have still yet to find one,, sure there are cynics out there that believe they have found the catch but for the most part it is B.S. , ok here is one. “in The Spring there is so much smoke from the burning that it is impossible to breath” (in the north, where I live) this is one you hear quite often from those with the dire need to feel that they have not found the perfect paradise. In truth there is not much to it.. yes there is a bit of haze between the city and the surrounding mountains. But it is nothing like you read about or anything like being in a major capitol city such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, etc..etc..places that when you get off of your motorbike and take your sunglasses off you look like a badger or that you have been the but of a practical joke..
So here is a great little video I found from another lover of Thailand. check it out and enjoy

Other things to note are that in Thailand the visa process can be a bit of a pain.

And of course the biggest problem with Thailand which is that once you come to visit you just may never want to return home.