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Yi Peng Festival Chiang Mai

   AYi Peng Lantern Festival Chiang Maimong all of the awesome things to see and do in Thailand, this is one festival you do not want to miss, Every year on the night of the 12th full moon of the traditional Thai Calendar, in the northern province of Chiang Mai,about 20 Km. out of town at Mae Jo University you will find the Yi Peng Festival, after an hour long meditation and prayer. all of the participants ( monks as well a spectators) along with the steady peaceful rhythm of traditional Thai Music, release thousands of hot air propelled rice paper lanterns into the air Creating a breathtaking night sky.yi-peng-lantern-festivalThe Release Takes place on the grounds of the Mae Jo University, Keep in mind that this event is a Buddhist celebration , so suitable clothing should be worn. Lanterns Can be purchased for around 100 baht ($3.20) . The Festival is free and gets started around 6 pm. I have heard of other travelers buying there lanterns prior to the entrance, just to have them confiscated, upon entrance, so it may be worth it to wait till you get inside to buy your lanterns.

So this year if you happen to be in northern Thailand on the 16th of November 2013 Come enjoy the festivities, and get yourself a rice-paper lantern and release your troubles away into the Thai night sky. The views will be sure to leave you breathless.



Here is the schedule from T.A.T. ( Tourism Authority of Thailand )

06.00  20.00 hrs.

The Sacred Buddhist Chanting ceremony
At Jed Lin Temple

All Day
The Contests for Decorating Yee Peng Arches
At all Temples and all residences in city area

09.00  22.00 hrs.
The Sacred Buddhist Chanting ceremony
Lok Mo Lee Temple
10.00  23.00 hrs.
The Ceremony of Ritual in honor
of Phra Sirimangkalajarn
At Buddha Sathan, Chiang Mai

13.00  20.30 hrs.
Lanna Kathina Ceremony and Lanterns Floating
At Lanna Dhutanka, Mae jo Sansai

18.00  24.00 
Miss & Mr. Yee Peng 2013 Contest  At Thapae Gate

18.30  19.00 hrs.
The Official Opening Ceremony of Yee Peng Chiang Mai
2013 Festival
At Thapae Gate

19.00  22.00 hrs.
The 22nd Yee Peng Lantern Procession 2018
From Thapae Gate to Pantip Plaza
The Candle Lighting Ceremony
Around the Moats

19.00  24.00 hrs.
Yee Peng Kids’ Contest
At Chiang Mai Municipal Office